CMP Brings You Action-Packed Movie Nights This December

Every single night this November all throughout December, Celestial Movies Pinoy (CMP) proudly brings incredible Chinese action movies, back to back, starting at 7pm!

CMP Brings You Action-Packed Movie Nights This December

Labeled “Ber Nights of Action”, this special movie block consists decades-old movies filled with fight sequences that still impress up to this day, contemporary titles that are all visually stunning, and more recent movie releases that are sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.  And when movie icons such as Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Andy Lau, and Donnie Yen are on the screen, who can resist to tune in?


One of the biggest classics to be shown on November 1 is “Brothers Five”, where feuding brothers reunite to avenge their father’s death.  The Jet Li-starrer “Martial Arts of Shaolin” is showing on November 5.  A con artist will be forced to use his Kung Fu skills to protect the town from bandits in “The Spiritual Boxer”, showing on December 3, “The Master” will find a suitable student to pass on his martial arts skills on December 17, and “The Magnificent Ruffians” will prove that true friends cannot be bribed to do evil deeds on December 31. 


On November 12, see the crises and sacrifices that rescuers must face and make in “The Rescue”.  “Wolf Warrior 2”, the highest grossing film in China with approximately 854 million USD, will be shown on November 19.  In “Internal Affairs 2”, showing on November 25, it’s a race between the triads and the police to bring down a rival crime boss.   Jackie Chan gains superpowers in “The Medallion”, showing on December 17.  The best detectives in Asia battle it out in “Detective Chinatown 3” on December 26. 


Some of the newest titles not to be missed on “Ber Nights of Action” are “Cloudy Mountain”, an action-adventure-drama that’s showing on November 6; the movie adaptation of Ma Boyong’s novel, “Schemes in Antiques”, showing on November 20; “Man on the Edge”, about an undercover cop who is trying to expose a drug-trafficking syndicate, showing on November 27; the epic historical tale “The Battle at Lake Changjin”  on December  4; and the modern retelling of the legend of “Nezha” on December 25.


Catch Jackie Chan as a famous archaeologist having mysterious dreams in “The Myth” on November 5.  Chow Yun Fat plays an assassin on his last assignment in “The Killer” on November 4.  Jet Li becomes a literary hero in “Dr. Wai in the Scripture with No Words” on November 8.  Andy Lau returns as Ming who becomes suspicious of a police superintendent in “Internal Affairs 3” on November 26.  In “Raging Fire”, showing on December 18, see Donnie Yen’s intense fight scenes that earned him a Best Action Choreography award at the Movie Heroes Awards.

You’re in for a nonstop exciting movie experience in “Ber Nights of Action” to end 2022 with a blast.  Only on CMP.