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Get your news out in 4 easy steps.

STEP 1. Create It

Get Started with your first press release. It could be any newsworthy item, or even a survey, new location, sale, product, and promotion. We spread your news by syndicating it to other news media publications in order to be searched by Google and Yahoo Search.  Syndicating your news to other networks would easily reach your target audience and enhance your business visibility.

STEP 2. Optimize It

Turn your press release into an online marketing asset with the best platform in marketing.  Just add keywords, choose the correct categories to target your potential customers. Also, include youtube videos and photos to attract attention if you have one.  Let the press and online media maximize the impact of their due diligence on you or your business.

STEP 3. Distribute It

Our News Service will deliver your news to major publications through online and search engines plus about 150+ media outlets will syndicate your press release and generate the buzz of your visibility. Our press release distribution makes sure you have a maximum  PR campaign, exposure, and coverage.

STEP 4. Promote It

As a News Agency, we offer the best practice that works for the majority of people. Press Release promotion is a platform that helps to market the press releases targeted to an audience to notice your dedicated and relevant sector.


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About Us

BORACAY DAILY empowers business owners to distribute meaningful news. BORACAY DAILY is a member of the Associated News Agency, a leading provider of media services with marketing public relations, and offers the distribution of media services in more than 150+ media outlets. Our network program helps our clients reach a maximum of people based on the reliability of the information. It impacts the audiences and the environment associated with them.

BORACAY DAILY reaches specific industries and geographical areas. Our distribution showcase press releases to the target audiences' group.